Working in our shop in Chambly,Québec, Canada, came with a production bug...I had to do something to help us out...!

I was sanding and filing some parts for our customer and we where going nowhere... So when I went to sleep

I started to think about a system that would help me to go faster on this project and the next morning I had the Magicsander prototype tought of...!

Magic sander, tool post grinder,belt sander

We manufacture the Magic sander  in Chambly

Francois and I  sat at the front desk doing sketches and sketches...

And there we are with the Magicsander unit working like a charm...

So far we sold Magicsander all over the planet for all kinds of applications to maintenance people as well as

small home shops.

Magic sander, tool post grinder,belt sander

So versatile...

The Magicsander is on of it's kind...

You can use it with your:

Hand drill,

Press drill,

Angle grinder,

Air tools,

You also can use any lenght sanding belts from 18 inches up  to 42 inches x 1 inche wide or less

The Magicsander is self align so no adjustment required.

Tool post grinder

Metal or wood polishing !

The Magicsander is so versatile that you can drive it with anything  that turns...

Mouted on a metal or wood lathe for shafts polishing...

You problably find you own applications or utility.

Testimonies :

Dear Julien,

It has been a year since we use the magic sander. We would like to say that the magic sander is simply FANTASTIC.

We use it for finishing of very hard THERMAL SPRAY coating. The results are better than many, more expensive, process.

Thank you for this great innovation.


Regards, Ivan Lee Director LTS Engineering and Marine Services Pte Ltd   Singapore