Custom made milling bed

When it comes to fabricate or modify a unit , you'll need some back round...

As a shipwright ( millright) and machinist experience  I can fabricate or modify your units to your needs.

home made milling, milling,onsite machining

Once you have the base with table, linear bearings, screw and power feed motor all  you'll need will be to decide what you want as if it is a milling ,saw, grinder or else. It is your project.

But I can start it for you ...!

deck saw, onsite cutting tool

This is two 10 foot long steel deck 14'' saws.

Low bed to be as close as possible from the deck.

550 V 1800 rpm ac motors. Feed table with linear bearings.

cnc router, router, cnc

Make your own router or milling ....

I have all of what you need as mecanic components.