Metal saw on tracks

Have you ever had to cut a steel plate deck with a metal saw ...?


Well I had a request for cutting 1/2'' plate ( 12mm ) x 3000 feet long  x 5/8''( 19mm ) from  the wall all around​.


I had to custom build a low bed deck saw 10' long ( 3,048 mm ) that could cut under the bed to reach the deck and have enough cutting acces to the saw blade.

I custom build the saw because there always a offset of the electric motor over the blade so I couldn't get close enough to the wall.

I modified the spline of the saw to have no more than 1/2'' ( 12.7mm ) from the blade to the wall.

So I build the entire saw from scratch to have the raise system to lower the blade into the metal slowly and than feed forward slowly to cut the plate.

Could cut 9 feet ( 2.743 mm ) one pass before moving the saw bed.

Cutting speed 9'' per /minutes  ( 228.6 mm/minutes ) witch was over expectation.

The two saws were mounted on linear track  bearings and two feed motors on a  screw and ball screws for accuracy.

I had to purchase top quality saw blades for better blades life.

2 x 550V electrique motors @ 1800 RPM reduce down to 1350 rpm at the blades.

You may have a projet ... I may have the answer...!