The Magic sander is so versatile that you can even  create you own applications...

Duo on a bench grinder

Duo belts

You can add two Magic sander on the same bench grinder for ​

speed when polishing parts .

On one side put a course paper  belt sander and on the other side a fine  paper .

In seconds you can change the belts.

Mounted on a angle grinder ...!

Angle grinder

The Magic sander mounted on a angle grinder ...

You can move to the work side for grinding heavier parts.

Best for onsite machining for shaft polishing...!

 Metal lathe applications


Here in Canada we have CSST for security at work....

No one is allow to take a sand paper around a turning piece to polish a shaft on a lathe...

The Magic sander mounted on the tool post is a perfect safe device for that application .

Knife sharpening

Knife sharpening

It is fun to use the Magic sander for knife sharpening because of it's flexibility and space around the belt, their is almost no restriction for movements.

 Use your hand drill

 Press drill applications